Appeared Nov. 2006

Use your Vision Benefits!


Well, apparently Binyon's is really, really concerned that the end of the year is coming up, and if I don't use my Vision Benefits by December 31st, they'll run out, and I won't get new glasses, and Binyon's won't get my money!
See?!  It's like a ticking clock, which runs out on Dec. 31!!!


(How they know about my vision benefits running out is a little creepy...)

Use your Vision Insurance Benefits!
They'll take your
They welcome HUNDREDS of
Vision Insurance Plans!  Hurry!

Oh, shit.  There's a block of text in the ad,
with an
asterisk (that can't be good news)
tucked down in the corner,
in 9-point type,
which should be perfectly legible to anybody
who needs to use their
vision insurance benefits...

What's that say?  Way down at the bottom?

There we go.  Use your Vision Insurance Benefits, kids.

Just not here.


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