Received Sept. 2006

Misandry as an advertising tool


This is a common tool in advertising these days.
Insinuating that women are stupid or that they're incapable of doing anything right is considered
insulting, harassing, and offensive.

So let's make fun of men, say that they're stupid cavemen, and imply that they don't know how to do anything right!  Sounds perfectly inoffensive to me!

A big caveman "THANKYOU" grunt
Matt N. for finding this
astonishingly sexist ad
(in a copy of
Outdoor Life, no less.)


A note to Brawny:
Insulting potential customers is no way to sell your product.

See?  It's funny, 'cause guys "mark" their toilets,
just like
cavemen marked their caves
and we don't clean it up because we think it's too

Lord knows there's nothing we like to do more
with a clean toilet than
pee on it some more:

Is this what they do with toilets in Paris?

And then, instructions for getting rid of a spider without killing it.

Thanks again to Matt, who is probably grunting and stomping on spiders somewhere.


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