Received in April 2005

Cabinet Clutter = Marriage Problems


What a Mess!

This poor woman not only has a disorganized cabinet, she has a frumpy hairstyle!




But thanks to ClosetMaid,

She has organized her kitchen,

her cupboards,

her hairstyle,

her life in general.

Before, she was sad.

Her hairstyle was frumpy.

Her life was a shambles.

She had a ring on her finger.

Damn that ring!  If I were only single, my cupboards would probably be perfect!

But thanks to

Her hair is perkier,

She's much happier,

And she got rid of that damn ring!

Much thanks to Beth M., for being astute enough to notice the little details, and who is (as far as I know) NOT trying to get rid of her husband by buying cupboard racks.


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