Appeared in June 2006

Sort of like the real thing.


Yet another gem from the
Dream Products, Inc. people!


Hey, it's a fifteen-dollar watch.

And it's not one of those cheap-o digital things.  No, this is

"Chronograph Style."

Well, what's that mean?

A chronograph is supposed to be a highly-accurate timepiece; a stopwatch for instance.

Years ago, fake jewelry (especially pearls) became prevalent on the market, but they couldn't call them "fake pearls," because it just sounds cheap.  So they used the word "faux."

Not only does it avoid that nasty word "fake," but it sounds French!
And it is.
It's French for

So, then, this isn't exactly a "highly-accurate timepiece,"
but it's a counterfeit of one!  A really nice fake!

And it's "Architecturally Inspired."  Whatever that means.


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