Appeared in May 2006

New! Diet Coffee!


This purports to be a coffee laced with "Hoodia," so that if I drink this stuff, I'll lose weight!

Okay, where do we begin...

First, due to some unfortunate graphic work, we have a cup of coffee that weighs 100 pounds, and coffee beans that magically float in space.

Next, we have the requisite 
"Guy distending his gut, then holding it in while wearing smaller swim trunks" 
"Woman wearing somone else's pants" shots:
I suppose it's not necessary to point out the obvious:

This product is "Guaranteed," if you follow the "complete Slim Coffee system," which of course consists of maintaining a proper diet, regular exercise and (I'm not making this up) drinking THREE CUPS of this coffee every day.

Now, let's have the "great price" claim:

Whole bean "fancy gourmet coffee" at the grocery is usually $8 to $10 a pound.  Starbucks coffees average $12 a pound.

According to Slim Coffee's website
(which you MUST see for the embedded video showing an overweight, angry woman downing diet pills, followed by a girl nearly breaking her shoulder working out, followed by a happy, smiling thin woman enjoying a cup of Slim Coffee)
their product retails for $39.95 for 28 oz
($22.82 a pound)

So yes, their coffee is, indeed "...a fraction of the price..." of other coffee.
And that fraction is
19 / 10ths.

But perhaps, the most basic, underlying problem with the whole ad is best summarized by loyal Dumb Ads reader Anathema B.:

Where, oh where, do I begin? First of all, I didn't know we were involved in a "war against obesity." Second, COFFEE is an appetite suppressant. Isn't that all anyone needs to know? Coffee is an appetite suppressant. Better we should all spend 22.82 on a pound of some weird combo drink than 12 a pound for coffee. Why the hell not? It's America. Carry on, Mr. Dumbad. Carry on. If I ever have to fight the war on obesity, I hope I have you on my side!


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