Appeared in June 1994

Creative math, from Dr. Scholls


What in the hell's going on at the bottom of this ad, you ask?

Let's try to forget for just a moment that there's a skinny white guy standing here with a Sumo Wrestler on his shoulders, in an effort to sell us insoles.  Alone, this qualifies as a Dumb Ad, but let's delve further into what the heck their marketing department was thinking when they did this...


I was interested in the ad's claim that
"The average man puts
[9000 x 420 =
3,780,000 lbs.]
on his feet every day."

Well, I know no human weighs 4 million pounds, so where did they get these numbers? They must be talking additive weight. But even that's a stretch.

Assuming the "average man" weighs about 180, and has a 3-foot stride, that means

3,780,000 lb. / 180 lb. =
21,000 steps x 3 feet =
63,000 feet =
11.93 miles (19.2 km).

The average man walks 11.93 miles every day?

But how can you calculate things like this additively? That would be like saying I can run 100 miles, or jump a thousand feet, or drink a million pints of beer
( just not all at once.)


I know for a fact I can't drink more than 20 pints at once...


The icing on the cake is the fact that this ad appeared in Popular Science magazine...


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