Received in June 2006

FREE SODA! (sort of.)


Loyal Dumb Ads reader Paul S. received this gem.

Imagine how special he felt, being selected to receive for FREE, ten liters of Coke or Pepsi (a value of nearly five dollars!)


And I apologize for the visually-assaulting amount of yellow in the images.  That was the advertiser's decision, not mine.

It's a bad sign when a promotions company can't go to the store to spend two bucks on a couple bottles of soda, snap a couple digital photos, and create their own clipart.

Instead they decided to go with a pixellated, grainy web image of a Pepsi, 
and a
Coca-Cola bottle opener!

This one's always suspicious.  Any time they give you a deadline of "two days," or "one week," but don't print the actual starting date or an actual due date, it's pointless.
(see the Laser Fishing Rod.)


Chances are, if this were a Pepsi promotion, they would have known how to spell "Pepsi."

So what's the catch?

There we go.  Tucked away at the bottom of the page, hidden in a big block of print, in 9 point type, we find out that we "may be asked to view" an indoor air filter.  And no, they don't call it an air filter, they call it an "Indoor Air Quality System" (note capitalization.)  Makes it sound more important, and likely it's considerably more expensive than an "air filter."

 When you have to bribe somebody to buy your product, but you don't tell them up front what you're selling, you are admitting that your product is undesirable.


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