Appeared in June 2006

You don't have to pay more to save


I really want this camera.

But it's tough to tell how much
the damn thing costs. 

There's a "Regular" price,

a "Mail-In Rebate,"


other savings,
which occur
and which I apparently don't have to
pay for.

Honestly, when was the last time someone had to pay extra to save money?

This is merely another case of throwing the word "FREE" in an ad, because it's eye-catching, when in fact it means nothing.

For other examples of this,
see the "Free Windshields" ad
or the "Free Surfing" ad.

UPDATE!  Appeared August 2006
I really, really hope
Dumbads had something to do with this.

Two months after the above appearance on this site, this same camera retailer changed the bullet points in their ads:

Now, it's "Bonus Instant Savings."


My site just might have made a difference!



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