Appeared in February 2006

Power Breakfast! 


What we have to advertise:  
Stay at Holiday Inn, get free breakfast, and a $10 gift card to Home Depot.

Okay, folks...  Here's the elements we have to tie together, all in the same ad:

1)  Holiday Inn

2)  Breakfast

3)  Home Depot

Okay, I see a Holiday Inn sign-- no wait, TWO signs!  I see breakfast!  Yes, a plate of breakfast, and a young couple eating breakfast, probably AT a Holiday Inn...

But instead of breakfast, the guy gets a plate of...
CIRCULAR SAW!  HA HA HA!  And for garnish, Circular Saw Blade-shaped fruit slices!

See, 'cause guys like power tools, and they're eating breakfast,  at a Holiday Inn, and Home Depot sells power tools, so the Circular Saw ties it all in to Home Depot!

Whew!  Mission accomplished!


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