Appeared in February 2006

So serious, it's LASER serious!


Well, thank god they warned us!  I was just going to play with this fishing rod, but now I shall fear it.

Now, if I'm not completely serious about fishing, say, I like to go fishing casually, perhaps even jovially, may I still order this item?






What in the hell does "Laser" have to do with anything?

This fishing rod does not incorporate a laser beam to increase its accuracy,
it is not indicated here that this item was manufactured with a laser,
and there is no trademark or brand to indicate that
"Laser" is the name of the item.

The reel's free, if you order within 7 days of... I don't know when.  There is no cutoff date indicated, but it is quite clear on the attached order coupon that if I take longer than 7 days to order, I'll have to admit in writing that I took too long.

But it is not clear how much the reel will cost me if I take too long, or if I'll even be able to purchase one at any price.

Okay, "Tackle Box" makes sense.
"Back Pack."

But "Briefcase?"

"Good thing I got out of that meeting early!  I'll just grab my Laser Fishing Rod and Reel and do some fishin' on my lunch break!"

But I'll be careful, because it's not a toy.

Update!  6/28/06
Reader Bob C. in Pennsylvania writes:

     Thought you'd like to know:  I ordered the "Precision Laser Fishing Rod," on 5 June, knowing full well that it ought to be junk...but I happen to like to fish with short rods.  I figured I could toss away the "free reel" and put a "real reel" on it.

     The package arrived today from those "dreamy" people.  BUT, instead of my precision laser fishing rod, inside was an "electric sauna belt," guaranteed to slim you down to where nobody can see you anymore.

     I'm too old and tired to bother sending it back and complaining to them, so I decided to eat the $19.97 and chalk it up to experience.


Thanks, Bob!  And enjoy the sauna!


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