Appeared July 2007

It's a playground!


Okay, I get it.  They're using the metaphor of a playground
to let us know that viruses and bacteria are running rampant in my kitchen!

To illustrate the whole "Playground" concept, they show us a child playing with a toy slide.  In the kitchen.  Wheeeee!
And a girl playing with a miniature playground-style hobby horse.  Wheeeee!

And a kid swinging a miniature innertube or tire swing from the kitchen faucet.

Wait, what?

Hey, look guys!  I can move this tire swing nearly two inches!  Wheeeeeee!

And in case Lysol doesn't work, they'll give you FIVE BUCKS off your next $300 pediatrician bill.

(For those of you in countries other than the USA,
please try to stifle your laughter about paying for a doctor visit.)

I got a slide!  I got a horse!  I got a sink-tire swing!


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