Appeared Aug. 2007

Poorly-Planned Ad Placement


Salem Monthly, in Salem, Oregon is a fairly new, free newspaper.  Most of their articles are about how fantastic local businesses are, in an attempt to get those places to advertise with them.  But their attention to detail leaves something to be desired...

(You will see soon why I blurred those two big ad blocks.)

In an attempt to publish an actual story, there's this terribly sad piece about the impacts of  methamphetamine and other drug addictions on children who live in addicted parents' homes.
I am in no way attempting to diminish the importance of this issue.
Again, this is terribly tragic.

Salem PD found five kids living in squalor because their mom was an addict, so they took the kids away.

Parents just give up on their kids.
Children pretend to "inject" with a ballpoint pen in place of a syringe.

So what ads should we pick to include on this page?
Ads to border this horribly sad story about people who party with meth
and children who mimic their parents injecting drugs with a syringe?

The blurred-out ad at the bottom:

And the ad above it?

Addictions Body Piercing & Tattoo ,
featuring a sexy nurse with a great big syringe.
Come in & SEE

Great choice, Salem Monthly!


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