Appeared in June 2006

Why dogs are scared of humans


Okay, whatever it is you're selling,

I already want to punch this guy.

This is no way to get my attention.


(Unless your intent is to appear
Dumb Ads.)

But does this make sense to anyone?


If the human is giving a 
Milk-Bone to a dog,
wouldn't he also be the one


or is it implied that
the human is receiving the Milk-Bone
and then saying "Wuttagoodoggy?"

UPDATE:  Appeared July, 2006
How frightening it must be for a dog to have this giant face coming at him,

yelling things like,


NOTE:  In the topmost image, I digitally removed the text from the guy's head, 
but the scan of the ad itself is not altered in any way, other than blurring the barcodes.

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