Appeared in April 2007

Just like a REAL pizza!


We don't want people to think our food products
are made by faceless drones in a big factory somewhere,
so we'll change the name,
and then continue having faceless drones make them in a big factory somewhere. 

We've seen this before,
with "Home-Baked" or "Fresh-Squeezed" products
which are obviously neither.
I've even seen "Made Fresh Daily" sandwiches that had been on the shelf for five days.

Pizza Hut's new offering is made just like it was Hand-Tossed!
Reminds you of some guy singing in Italian while tossing dough in the air, doesn't it?

But it's not exactly hand-tossed.
It's "Hand-Tossed Style."

Much better than being made in a machine somewhere.


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