Appeared in May 1983

Video Games and Whiskey


The caption under the photo reads,

"When video gremlins get too close for comfort, make your escape with Seagram's 7 & 7UP.®  It's one combination, in moderation, that's a close encounter you'll never forget."

One must wonder why they invoked
"Close Encounters" twice, a movie that was released five years earlier and has damn little to do with Pac-Man.

The main message here seems to be, if you drink Seagram's 7 and play video games, you'll get the chicks!

 I see this ad came out long before the "Socially Responsible" tags they put on beer and liquor ads now, reminding us to not drink and drive. However, they tried to fulfill their civic duty by adding " moderation..." to the text of the ad.


If you're laughing this hard about Pac-Man, you have forgotten about

" moderation..."


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