Appeared June 2007

Me dig pudding good wif scoop


Something about this ad caught my eye.  Couldn't quite figure out what was wrong at first...

Then I noticed the unfortunate graphic work done here.


To make the pudding cup look really huge, they scaled the cup and spoon to enormous proportions  and put them right in front of the kid's face.

But they didn't want to have the kid's forearm in the picture, so they have him grabbing the spoon underhand,like he's holding a dumbbell.

Unfortunately, this meant that the (apparently) half-gallon pudding cup needs to be floating or somehow attached to the kid's wrist.

Seriously, who has opposable thumbs and holds a spoon this way?
And how large is that spoon?

Another unfortunate example of enlarging things waaaay out of scale happened in this ad.

UPDATE!  Appeared August 2007

Again, I hope Dumb Ads had something to do with it, but it seems Snack Pack has decided to update their graphic work.  We still have the pudding cup floating in space, but the child's hand is now holding the spoon like a normal human.


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