Appeared in June 2006

They're maaaaagical slippers


They're the slippers that never age!

Ahhh, the non-medical products that purport to cure not just one condition (sore feet)

but will cure ALL ailments!

"If Your Feet Feel Good
Your Body Will Too!"

Who needs proper diet and exercise?  All I need is a pair of damn slippers!



This is reminiscent of another ad I've seen, "Diabetic Socks."  If someone can find that one for me, I'd be most appreciative.

WARNING:  Do not wear these slippers if you're less than 20 years old,
as your feet will disappear.


An enormous thanks yet again to frequent contributor Beth M. for this gem.

UPDATE:  Appeared in August 2006
The same company is apparently now offering Booties made from the same anti-aging material!


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